Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

This island is unlike any other view I see often here in the Philippines. With its greek inspired foundations topping the island and easy to climb cliffs, I surely stuffed my eyes with its beauty.


Our Itinerary
4am: Meetup at DLTB Taft (near Gil Puyat Station)
5am: Take-off to Nasugbu
8am: Arrival @ Nasugbu; Buy food and water; Trike to the resort
9am: Boat ride to Fortune Island
10am: Eat, Snorkel, Cliff Dive, Take a walk around, Appreciate the view
5pm: Boat ride back to Nasugbu main land
6pm: Took a bath @ resort
7pm: Eat dinner @ Jollibee
8pm: Bus back to Manila


160 = Bus to Nasugbu
125 = Share for food and water
10 = Trike fee to resort (per pax)
444.45 = 4000php/9pax = Round trip boat ride
300 = Island's entrance fee
10 = Trike back to main road
150 = Dinner
160 = Bus to Manila
1360 = Total


Meetup at DLTB Taft (near Gil Puyat Station)
So I went last February 7, 2015 with a couple of folks. Meetup was at DLTB Taft (LRT2 Gil Puyat Station). While waiting for others to arrive, we went to 7-11 and grabbed breakfast. Beside 7-11 is Jollibee which is open 24/7. When everyone has arrived, we boarded the bus which has the "Nasugbu" sign.



Arrival @ Nasugbu
We were dropped at J.P. Laurel Street(main road) corner C. Alvarez. From there, each person in the group entrusted 1000php to our guides who are also our friends to lessen the hassle when paying fees or food. They bought roasted chicken and rice from Andok's (which is exactly at the corner), 2x6L of water (also at the corner; just across Andok's), and Bananas (from a public market just few steps from away the area).


Trike to Resort
Also, on the same corner, is a trike lane. 2 trikes were enough for us and our stuff. Be cautious though with these drivers. The original price for the trike is 10php per person. They also informed us about this right before we board the trike. But upon reaching the destination, they were then telling us that it was 15php per pax. In the end, we won the argument with them but gave them a just extra.


Boat Ride to Fortune Island
Our friend guides then went to talk with boat captains and hired them on the spot for our roundtrip way to Fortune Island. BTW, Plan your trip ahead and have a rain check. We were informed that there are times when the sea could get rough and then docking on the island will be impossible. Luckily, we sailed on a calm water's day. It was an hour boat ride to the island and so I chanced a nap.


Fortune Island <3
As we set foot on the island, we walked towards a cottage and payed the Entrance fee to the island's caretaker.

Among the things you could do here are:

  • Snorkelling (but bring your own snorkelling goggles; there are no resorts nor establishments in this area). I wasn't able to try it because the beach was rocky and the waves are rough on the shore. My friends braved it and told us that the view is good 🙂
  • Cliff diving (but please do be careful if you plan to do this as there are rocks everywhere)
  • Photo-op (The island is actually a popular venue for prenuptial shoots because of its greek feel)


Playing frisbee with a friend at fortune island
As an extra, I brought frisbee and played along with a friend


There are trash everywhere the island which somewhat made it look unpleasant. This is most probably what the previous visitors, who had nowhere to put them, threw ignorantly. If you ever do visit there, please do bring trash bags and throw your trash on Nasugbu main land.

We toured the cliff and the famous foundation before going back to our hut and eat our lunch.

Worrying if there's a phone signal? Worry not cause there is. Even in the middle of our boat ride, 3G signal was available.


Photodump of a wonderful view
Prepare your eyes to see this island's beauty.



This particular species of butterfly is everywhere in the island.






Going back
Of course, the same boat brought us back to the main land. Just as we set foot on the beach, we were in time to watch the sun touch the horizon. The lovely island is also part of the view.


The bathing area in the resort (in the main land) is not maintained at all. It has three cubicles which had no door nor cover. Not to mention, the water flow is slow. If ever you want a better bath that that, might as well consider the adjacent resorts.

There are trikes just outside the resort so we rode it back to the junction. It was dinner time so we decided to stuff ourselves at Jollibee first before heading back to the city. We just walked a little down the main road and found the DLTB terminal. There we rode the bus that took us back to Manila.


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